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Why EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training Class Certification is Required?

  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) now asks all contractors who do RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) projects that may disturb lead-based paint to be Certified Renovator. Work activities including deconstruction, demolition, cutting, or sanding can generate hazardous lead chips and dust by disturbing lead paint, which are tested to be harmful to both children […]

EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training Class

Schedule for the EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training. All classes start at 8am until 5pm. ONLY $250 per person. Classes include the 4hr hands on, 4hr lecture, student manuals, samples of Lead Check Swabs, hands on experience of EPA approved products. Receive a temporary certificate from our company the same day that states you completed […]

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