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Steps to reduce lead in tap water

Face it, you are creating a little leap of faith when you fill up a glass with tap water and pass it to a young child. You are trusting that it’s healthy and free of hazardous elements such as lead, which causes neurological problems and can damage growth and hearing in kids. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA,) it can cause hypertension, memory troubles and other consequences for adults.

The risks of lead in drinking water resurfaced this week after the congressional subcommittee covered that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made delusive assurances in 2004 when lead levels in tap water spiked out.

The spike out in lead levels bumped after there was a alteration in the chemical habituated to purify drinking water, which stimulated more lead to leach into the drinking water from lead water lines serving some homes. The federal authority stressed this week that a dissimilar chemical has been habituate since the 2004 trouble and that today’s lead levels are “far below the EPA’s regulatory necessities.”

Simple habits to reduce lead in tad water, such as getting the water run for a few minutes first thing in the break of the day, using the correctly filters or having your water examined, offer assurance that what you are drinking is as safe as you are able to make it.

Whether filter is one that goes under the sink, inhered in the tap, in the pitcher or in an ice maker, just make sure the water filter claims to meet NSF Standard 53 and expressly says that it brings down lead. Consider imparting a filter — or filtered pitcher — to the bathroom tap if you or your kids use it for a middle-of-the-night drink.

Although some garden hoses are commercialized as being “lead safe,” be skeptical. Nozzles, hoses and other hardware used in the garden is mostly unregulated — and not designated for water that’s for individual consumption. A gulp from your garden hose could be a fond memory from your youth — but it is not safe.

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – EPA RRP

Steps to reduce lead in tap water

Steps to reduce lead in tap water

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