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Lead Safety NY

EPA Lead Safety Certification Course

NEW YORK, NY – Lead overexposure is among the most common over exposures ascertained in industry and is a extending cause of workplace illness. Therefore, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid down the Lead Safety to be an eminent strategic priority. OSHA’s 5 year strategic program sets a performance goal of a 15% reduction in the medium severity of lead exposure or workers blood lead levels in picked out industries and workplaces.

The following are specific requirements for lead safety practices.

Lead Safety Personal Protective Equipment

All personnel must abide these safety practices when practicing personal protective equipment (PPE) while acting upon with lead or performing lead-related work:

  • If you use leather gloves for lead handling, don’t use them for any other work. Store leather gloves that have been utilized with lead in a labeled plastic bag.
  • Bump off PPE before leaving the work area.
  • Place disposable coveralls into the suitable hazardous waste bags right away after use.
  • Make clean and store protective equipment, including your respirator, granting to proper procedures.

Housekeeping requirements for lead safety

When cleaning fields where lead dust may be or is present, all staff must:

  • Use of a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum cleaner. The use of a non-HEPA vacuum cleaner or the dry sweeping of lead debris isn’t tolerated.
  • Clean metal pallets with a HEPA vacuum or wet paper towels (using gloves) after bumping off lead bricks. Put away the used towels as lead waste in a labeled plastic bag.
  • Inform the SLAC CGS Department for assistance in changing HEPA vacuum filters
  • Throw away of the following as hazardous waste
  • Non-reusable pallets contaminated with lead
  • Non-reusable plastic sheets used for lead storage
  • Disposable protective clothing, such as disposable coveralls

Sign Posting requirements for storing and working with lead

Lead work areas or lead storage areas where exposures possibly half of the permissible exposure level must be put up with signs that distinguish the hazard and prohibited activities in that area.


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Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Safety NY

Lead Safety NY

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