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Lead Safety Class Norfolk, VA | Virginia

Lead Safety Class | EPA RRP Certification

Norfolk, Virginia – Lead-based paint could appear like bring out of the past.

More and more people still live in dwellings constructed prior to 1978- when lead-based paint was banned.

The risks of lead paint

Lead can be adverse as it develops in the body and can be a health hazard.

The lead in old paint gets dangerous when paintwork is flaking off or knocked, peeling or chewed by children or pets, or when sanded or burned up in preparation for repainting.


So the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has brought out a new mandate for contractors, painters, renovators and those who work on lead related jobs to get ready to go back to school.

According to, Environmental Solutions Association (ESA,) “The older the home, the more you will have evidence of lead being present- and not just in the paint.”

Lead can also be constituted in old windowpane and piece of furniture like old cribs.

The recent EPA ruling asks contractors acting upon on pre-1978 dwellings, schools, day-care centers and children facilities to get new lead safety training and certification.

Yet contractors who believe they are being safe can inadvertently dispersed lead dust while renovating a dwelling or other facility.

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,

Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Safety Class Norfolk, VA | Virginia

ABLE Safety Consulting is a New York based lead certified company that recognized as one of the best in the lead removal training and testing industry. It was established to provide quality consulting, inspections, training and monitoring for lead-based paint. Our training articles include photographs and floor plans for comfortable identification of lead components and their various locations.

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