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Lead Safety RI | Rhode Island

EPA Lead Safety Certification Class RI | Rhode Island

Rhode Island – When lead compounds are processed or reclaimed from waste or scrap they can produce lead dust, vapor or fume that can be absorbed by your body through swallowing or breathing. Exposure to lead can head to a drift of medical troubles.

What must your employer do to protect against lead?

As a part of EPA Lead Safety practices, your employer must:

  • Evaluate the hazard to your health to determine whether or not your exposure is ‘substantial’, and what cautions are required to protect your health;
  • Identify systems of work and other controls, such as dust extraction and fume, to keep or control lead exposure, and hold back equipment in effective working order;
  • Put up washing and changing facilities, and areas free from lead contamination where you are able to eat and drink;
  • Inform you about the health hazards from working with lead and the safeguards you should take;
  • Develop you to use whatever control measures and protective equipment properly.

Your employer will also have to provide you with the following to ensure you a lead safety environment, the employer should;

  • provide you with protective wear;
  • Assess the level of lead in the atmosphere you’re exposed to, and tell you the outcomes. If your exposure to lead can’t be kept under a certain level – called the occupational exposure limit – your employer must issue you with respiratory protective gear;
  • Set up to measure the level of lead in your body. This is handled a doctor at your work place. You must be informed the results of your tests.

ABLE Safety Consulting also offers Day-Long EPA Lead Safety Training and Testing in Providence, Rhode Island.


Lead Safe Training

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Safety Rhode Island

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