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Massachusetts Lead Paint Removal

Massachusetts Lead Paint Removal

Massachusetts – Contractors are asked to understate Lead Paint Removal dust by misting over surfaces with water before sanding, scraping or prying components separate rather than destroying or breaking them, never employing open flame, and ascertaining any sanding, grinding or other exponent tools are fitted with a sheet and HEPA filter vacuum. Heat guns that render temperatures in excessive of 1100 degrees, a typical used tool in other cases of paint stripping, are specifically disallowed under the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The goal of these Lead Paint Removal precautions is to assure that lead isn’t vaporized into a form that can be breathed in by workers or occupants of the assumptions.

The Massachusetts Lead Paint Removal Practices

Contractors are accountable for a cleaning of all dust and debris with a HEPA filter vacuum, also wet-mopping of all surfaces. This cleaning must be done before the removal of the containment plastic. If the surfaces inside are anything but operating-room clear, the area must be re-cleaned before containment removal. The cleanliness of the area must be asserted by using a particular visual check applying a wet disposable cleaning cloth. The site inspector or supervisor wipes down uncarpeted floors, furniture and counters with a particular wet clothe, which must be equated to an EPA provided “standard” wet disposable cloth. Any wipe down leading in a grimmer than standard visual alteration activates a re-cleaning essential on the part of the contractor.

For contractors, compliance is vital to guarantee that you don’t lose the potential income from renovations on aged constructions by failing to get a Massachusetts Lead Paint Removal training or EPAs RRP certification. Once you accomplished training, paying the EPA application fees and filing for any local asked license is vital to thriving under the new federal law. Read Lead Based Paint Removal.


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