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Looking for Helium 10 2019 Coupon Codes?

Helium 10 is a powerful toolkit for amazon sellers. It is the combo more than a dozen tools to explore high ranking keywords, ongoing trends, and spy on your competitors. If you are an Amazon seller and want to increase your sales; then this is the software for you. No need to waste your time in trial and error method that may not work! Build a proven strategy to uplift your amazon business now!

In short, Helium 10 is insanely powerful software tools for Amazon sellers. Helium 10 is comprised of 13 online-based tools that are hosted through their website. Additionally, they offer a Chrome extension that integrates with the Amazon marketplace seamlessly. The Helium 10 tools eliminate much of the guesswork and labor-intensive factors that come with selling on Amazon.

Within the Helium 10 user dashboard, you have access to nearly every piece of data or information that you need to become a widely successful Amazon seller. It’s possible to sell on Amazon without software like Helium 10 but to see quick success and longterm growth Helium 10 is a must. Helium 10 has been generous enough to offer Project FBA readers a Helium 10 discount code – 60% OFF for their first month’s subscription, use the Coupon Code PROJECTFBA50.

Features Of Helium 10

  • Product Research:

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily uncover winning products ideas in order to find out the most promising and winning products. Along with that, you can just dive deep into those markets to simply research and validate those ideas.

  • Listing Optimization:

Herewith the help of this tool anyone can quickly build and optimize your product listing so that you can bring your products on the top of the page.

  • Keyword Research:

You can also do the profitable keyword research so that you can just find the right kind of customers. Now discover the traffic pulling keywords in order to drive more traffic right to your listing.

  • Keyword Tracking:

The best part is that now you can easily track your keywords that include their rank, Amazon badges and more. Like if you’re launching a product or simply optimizing an existing listing you can easily track keywords in order to track your campaigns and more.

  • Product Launches:

With the help of this tool, you can just products and ranks keywords right with the CPR formula. Just determine how many units you’ll actually need to sell in order to rank higher in the page 1 results.

  • Refunds:

You can also get a refund right for the lost or damaged inventory that Amazon may not have reimbursed right for you. Easily manage all the refunds with the help of this tool in a super-easy way.

  • Competitor Spying:

If you really want to achieve something then you need to learn from your competitors. And here with the help of this tool, you can easily find out your competition strategy simply by uncovering what keywords they are actually ranking for.

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