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Lead Paint Removal License

Lead Paint Removal License

Many constructions bearing lead paint are being renovated, and the simple act of restoration poses dangerous health threats to pregnant women and young children. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought out a new Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act concerning “lead-based paint perils produced by RRP activities that disturb lead-based paint in mark housing and child-occupied facilities.” The EPA’s RRP rule, which has took effect on April 2010, immediately affects general and specialty contractors by asking them to have their Lead Paint Removal License and be certified if they’re doing work on a targeted facility and to render warnings to let people recognize of the risks.

How and When Does a Contractor Get Lead Paint Removal License?

EPA lead safety training certification programs will be sanctioned by the EPA and already available to contractors since early April 2009. You can give for EPA lead safety certification as early as October 2009 and you MUST be a certified renovator by December 2010. After that date, you cannot execute renovations to a pointed project unless you’re certified or an exemption applies. Lead Paint Removal certifications must be renewed every five years.

Lead Paint Removal Enforcement and liability

If a landowner is injured as an outcome of lead based paint exposure after or during a renovation, your EPA lead safety certification and paperwork better be in order and you possibly liable for personal injuries if you fail to execute the work in compliance with the EPA standards. It may also beneficial to alter your home improvement contracts to include data involving lead perils and a limitation on your liability.

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