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Lead Paint Certification - EPA RRP Certification Training

Lead Paint Certification - EPA RRP Certification Training

EPA Lead Paint Certification - EPA RRP Training

Experts say Thousands of Portland Homes Could Have High Levels of Lead!

One of every 10 households in Portland possess lead levels in their water that go over the basic safety standards; This is based on a water quality record just made public by the Portland Water Bureau. Experts mention that although lead in your water is definitely an issue, the more substantial concern is lead in […]

Obama declared a federal emergency over EPA Flint water crisis

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placed an order for the state of Michigan today to take “immediate steps to deal with significant as well as ongoing concerns” with the city of Flint’s consumption water system, that has been contaminated for over eighteen months with increased levels of lead “EPA has determined that the City […]

Why Lead Paint Certification – EPA Lead Certification Classes is Crucial for Renovator?

EPA Lead Paint Certification Classes Program On April 22, 2008, The Environmental protection agency (EPA) released a rule associated with Lead Paint Certification – EPA Lead Certification Classes – requesting the use of lead-safe work practices targeted at blocking lead poisoning in kids and grownups. On April 22, 2010, the EPA rule turned effective and […]

Lead Abatement vs EPA Lead RRP Training

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clearly defines the difference the practices difference between Lead Abatement and RRP activities (Renovation, Repair, and Paint). Lead paint is dangerous to health.When lead paint is sanded or scraped, microscopic particles of metal mingle with that dust that is created. That “lead containing” dust what can seriously impact people health, especially […]

What is EPA Lead Paint Certification – Lead Training Courses?

Are you renovating, repairing or painting a home, child care facility or school built before 1978? Become an EPA RRP Certified Renovator & use lead safe work practice For a complete listing of all training please visit us ww.ablesafety.com The Environmental Protection Agency’s new Renovation, Repair and Paint rule went into effect April 22nd 2010. […]

Why Hire Certified Lead Safe Renovator?

 Lead Safe Renovator – EPA Lead Safety Training Certification If you live in a house built before 1978, and you need to repair it, you must employ a contractor (lead safe renovator) that’s certified to work with lead paint. Many Americans are motionless about the new lead paint law. Worker who renovate older homes where […]

How firms can get RRP Lead Paint Certification Training Course?

Firm certification (Company) Firms can start applying for EPA’s RRP certification by submitting the Environmental Protection Agency form, “Application for Firms” which is signed by an authorized individual of the firm and includes the suitable fees. Common renovation, repair and painting (RRP) activities like cutting, sanding, and demolition can produce hazardous lead chips and dust […]

Why EPA RRP Lead Paint Certification Training Class is Necessary?

Federal law named 40 CFR Part 745 requires that renovations executed for compensation on dwellings constructed before 1978 , must be handled Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified Firms employing Certified Renovators. This includes landlords, property managers and contractors as well. The EPA expresses that if you’re caught doing work illegally they can fine you up […]

What is EPA Lead Based Paint Training?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Based Paint Training is a requirements on EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule, stated that all contractors that act upon on pre-1978 dwellings and disturb more tha 6 sq. ft. of paint interior or 20 sq. ft. of paint exterior or engage in door replacements or window replacements […]

Lead Paint Removal Training and Working Practice

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead paint certification rules or known as the restoration repair, painting (RRP) rule was improved June 18, 2010, subsequently after the disapproval of trade groups, employers, lobbyists and groups vital to win over the EPA that their education programs and public awareness wasn’t sufficient and required more time for businesses and […]

EPA Lead Paint Removal Certification Classes for Contractors

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead based paint removal laws are now in effect. As of April 22, 2010, contractors or individuals who are paid up to renovate or repair child care facilities, homes, and schools built prior to 1978 that disturb lead based paint in the operation, must be a Certified Renovator and a […]

EPA Training – EPA Lead Based Paint Certification

Why EPA Lead Paint Certification Training Program is required? The Environmental protection agency (EPA) initially released its Lead-Safe Certification Program in April of 2008. A couple of years later to the day, the measure had taken effect. It is affecting all employees who meet up with lead paint in dwellings, schools, or child-care facilities made […]

EPA Lead Paint Safety Training Classes

SWednesday, December 3rd 8am to 5pm 310 Hubert Street Raleigh, NC 27603Wednesday, December 3rd 8am to 5pm 3015 Dumbarton Road Richmond, VA 23228Friday, December 12th 8am to 5pm 310 Hubert Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Saturday, December 13th 7:30am to 4pm 16 Upton Drive Wilmington, MA 01887Saturday, December 20th 8am to 5pm 65 Elm St. Copiague, […]

EPA Lead Paint Certification Training and Testing

Firms in violation face fines of up to $37,500/violation For your convenience, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Paint Certification classes are offered 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday. The EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training class times and location listed below represent our standard training schedule. Alternative arrangements are available for large groups. EPA Lead […]

RRP Certified – Lead Paint Safety Certification Training

EPA RRP Certified Renovator training and use lead safe work practice is recommended for the the following: Contractors Plumbers Electricians Painters Property Managers Property owners Maintenance workers in multi-family housing, hotels, motels Building superintendents Anyone who disturbs a painted surface on pre- 1978 housing Read more about our EPA RRP training classes and its course […]

EPA Lead Paint Training Certification Classes

Saturday, November 22nd 8am to 5pm Center for Arts Ed. 520 8th Ave. (Btwn 36th & 37th St) North Tower, 9th Fl New York, NY 10018Friday, November 14th 8am to 5pm 310 Hubert Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Tuesday, November 11th 8am to 5pm 3015 Dumbarton Road Richmond, VA 23228Monday, November 24th 7:30am to 4pm 16 […]

EPA Lead Certification Massachusetts

Any contractor, electricians, plumbers to painters, that disturbs lead paint while working on a house built before 1978, the school or daycare center, now must be certified Lead. If not, you can handle tens of thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, it puts the health of you, your employees and customers at risk, which […]

EPA Lead-based Paint Training Program

Saturday August 2nd 7:30am to 4pm 16 Upton Drive Wilmington, MA 01887Tuesday, August 4th 8am to 5pm 3015 Dumbarton Road Richmond, VA 23228Friday, August 8th 8am to 5pm 310 Hubert Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Friday August 15th 7:30am to 4pm 16 Upton Drive Wilmington, MA 01887Friday August 25th 7:30am to 4pm 16 Upton Drive Wilmington, […]

How to Become an EPA Certified Trainer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified Renovator Training certification is a requirement as of April 22, 2010 for anyone does renovation, repair or painting a dwelling or child-occupied facilities prior to 1978. Those firms bumped to be non-compliant possibly liable for civil punishments of up to $37,500 per violation. Do not put off getting this […]

Lead Renovation Repair Painting Training Certification Classes

Fresh rules for lead-based paint removal come in effect April 22, imparting a little more time and monetary value to some home restorations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will ask all contractors to attend Lead Renovation Repair Painting Training Certification Classes and be certified to take out lead-based paint. Previously, no certification was asked and […]

Lead-based Paint Training – Lead Safe Certified Firm

RICHMOND, VA – EPA RRP Certified Renovator, Lead Safety Training and Safe Work Practice Why Lead-based Paint Training from Lead Safe Certified Firm is Crucial? The Environmental protection agency (EPA) Lead Paint Certification rules (often called the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule) were transformed on June 18, 2010 after an outcry by contractors, trade groups, […]

EPA Training Lead Paint Certification

EPA RRP Lead Rule is in full effect. EPA Training or Lead Paint Certification Training for Certified Renovator – Named 40 CFR Part 745, this law makes it necessary that remodeling carried out for compensation on pre-1978 houses, needs to be performed by EPA Certified Firms working with Certified Renovators. This consists of contractors together with landlords […]

EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes

April 22, 2010 was a crucial day in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA’s) oversight of Lead Paint rules. The new EPA regulations ask paid off contractors who do renovation, repair and painting (RRP) works that disturbs more than 6sq.ft. in entire pre-1978 buildings that have a child visiting for more than 60 hours annually be […]

EPA Training for Lead Removal

The Lead Removal Training and Certification Rule On August 29, 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a final rule for the training and certification of lead paint professionals (61 FR 45778). At that time, the execution of EPA Training for Lead Removal program was delayed until August 29 of 1998, to permit states to […]

Certified Lead Renovator Training

Certified Lead Renovator, NY – All contractors performing Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) in pre-1978 dwelling, day-care center or child-occupied facilities must cope with the following necessaries: Must be Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-safe certified. Assign supervisory certified renovators who have successfully accomplished EPA-accredited one-day training and testing course. Use only prepared workers who have […]

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Lead Paint Certification - EPA RRP Certification Training

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