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Lead Abatement vs EPA Lead RRP Training

EPA Lead RRP Certification Course

EPA Lead RRP Certification Course

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clearly defines the difference the practices difference between Lead Abatement and RRP activities (Renovation, Repair, and Paint). Lead paint is dangerous to health.When lead paint is sanded or scraped, microscopic particles of metal mingle with that dust that is created. That “lead containing” dust what can seriously impact people health, especially children and pregnant women.Lead inspection and lead risk are useful first steps, which can lead to more thoughtful decision.

Abatement is a specialized activity designed to address lead in the home. Lead abatement is an activity designed to eliminate lead paint hazards. It can be specialized techniques to handle lead paint practices. Requirements-Lead-Based-Paint-Activities who perform abatement projects in pre-1978 target housing and child occupied facilities to be certified.EPA’s Lead Abatement Program regulations provide a framework for lead abatement, risk assessment, and inspections. Those performing these services are required to be trained and certified by EPA or an authorized state.

These are the Lead Based Activities (Abatement):

  • Lead based paint activities include lead based paint inspections, risk assessments and abatement (lead based paint removal)
  • Lead abatement projects are designed to eliminate existing lead based paint hazards.
  • Lead risk assessments are designed to identify lead hazards and management strategies. Lead inspections are designed to locate all lead based paint in a home.
  • Individuals must be trained and certified to conduct lead based activities.
  • Lead based activities are regulation renovation, repair, and painting jobs.

EPA Lead RRP activities disturb paint as a consequence of the activity, but they are often undertaken for reasons unrelated to lead issues.

What is EPA Lead RRP Training?

RRP projects are typically performed at the option of property owner for aesthetic and other reasons. Interim control is designed to minimize lead hazards, rather than eliminate lead based paint hazards. Since RRP projects can disturb lead based paint homes and building before 1978, individual renovators must be trained and certified lead lead safe RRP practices.

EPA Lead RRP rule requires anyone (remodeling, renovation, and painting contractors and most other trades) who works in pre-1978 housing for compensation, to be certified. The contractors and construction workers need to take “Lead Safety Work Practices” and RRP class from an EPA accredited training provider.

Please register below for the required EPA RRP class:

EPA RRP Lead Safety training certification


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