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High levels of lead found in drinking water at some Rochester schools

lead in water

The Rochester school district forwarded bottled water to 4 summer programs today after results of lead tests came back showing the lead amounts were above the EPA threshold.

The preliminary tests reveal 11% of water fixtures in 22 educational facilities — 98 out of the 881 screened, have more than 20 components per billion level of lead.

“The lead concern in our community is not from the water. We have a lot of evidence to date that concerns us with the lead in our community coming from the old housing stock.” stated Michael Mendoza, Public Health Commissioner.

The school district is going to inform parents of children in related schools.

They are going to fix the fountains or perhaps “take them offline” when school begins on September 7.

A notice was sent home to parents of involved educational institutions in the school district.

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