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Experts say Thousands of Portland Homes Could Have High Levels of Lead!

EPA lead safe certified

One of every 10 households in Portland possess lead levels in their water that go over the basic safety standards; This is based on a water quality record just made public by the Portland Water Bureau.

Experts mention that although lead in your water is definitely an issue, the more substantial concern is lead in the dust that is in your home.

For the very last 5 years, Tamara Rubin has been working on a documentary known as “MisLEAD, America’s Secret Epidemic.”

“I traveled the country and interviewed lead-poisoned families all over the country,” she explained.

Rubin, who also happens to be the executive director of the Lead Safe America Foundation, began advocating for a lead safe society, a decade ago when her 2 sons were struck with lead poisoning and unfortunately experienced irreversible brain damage.

“My kids were poisoned in 2005 by the work of the painting contractor that didn’t use lead safe painting practices,” she said.

So at present, Rubin will do everything she will be able to keep lead out of her family’s life.

Being aware that the water lines in her Southeast Portland home have lead, she set up a lead filtration system. Knowing that her childrens’ educational facilities might also possess lead in the water, she sends her kids with water bottles from home.

You might want to know the steps to reduce lead in tap water.

And while she continues to be combating to get lead out of schools for many years, Rubin is aware of the main source of lead poisoning is produced by paint in your home.

In the event that your house was constructed before 1978, it may have lead paint.

Based on a Multnomah County study, above two-thirds of the households in North, Northeast as well as Southeast Portland have lead dust amounts that go over federal standards.

Rubin is quick to mention that just a modest amount can cause significant problems.

“The impact is lifelong learning disabilities and behavioral disorders,” she said.

It is possible to buy do-it-yourself lead test kits at the local hardware store.

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