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EPA lead training

EPA lead training

On April 22, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule became effective and firms doing renovation, repair and painting (RRP) projects that disturb lead-based paint in constructions, child care facilities, and schools built ahead 1978 must be certified, individual renovators must undergo EPA lead training from an EPA-accredited training provider, and the firms and renovators must comply particular work practices to prevent lead contamination.

EPA lead training will turn you a certified renovator

To turn a certified renovator, persons are demanded to take 8 hour Lead RRP course, of which 2 hours must be hands-on developing, to become certified. This EPA lead training prior to become certified renovators is good for 5 years. The cost of this preparation is set by individual training firm such as ABLE Safety Consulting, not by EPA. Additionally, our renovation firm is certified by EPA and authorized by EPA to administer its own program. EPA lead training certification is easy; firms ask to send in a two-page application and pay. Certification is good for 5 years.

Lead safety training was created in order to assist you cope with the new EPA Lead Based Paint ruling requirement. The recently ruling became effective April 22, 2010 and employs to anyone.

EPA lead training classes

EPA lead classes have been scheduled in multiple U.S. territories in order to guarantee that EPA lead training is made available to entire contractors prior to the deadline. Likewise, the classes listed on the website “Training” page, private classes including the hands-on training are available per request.

EPA lead training

Lead Safe Training

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – EPA Lead Training

EPA Lead Training

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