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EPA Contractor Lead Certification

EPA Contractor Lead Certification

As of April 22, 2010, anybody who does renovations, repairs, or painting (RRP) jobs in child-occupied facilities or buildings built prior to 1978 must get certified. Besides to personal credential, there’s also the prerequisite of getting your construction firm registered with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to guarantee that you’re not at risk to receive up to $37,500 in fines per day!

The EPA contractor lead certification requirements would apply to you if your RRP project disturbs:

  • 6 sq.ft. of interior lead paint surface AND/OR
  • 20 sq.ft. of exterior lead paint surface

So what are the following steps?

Lead Safe Certified has simplified this complicated procedure into four easy steps to make sure you are secure:

1. Render an application to EPA to get your company registered
2. Get signed up with Lead Safe Certified easy online registration form for an approved EPA course
3. Make it through the 8 hours of training and pass the quiz in class
4. Get approval from EPA and you’re good to perform!

Does this EPA contractor lead certification apply to you?

If it doesn’t, keep in mind that there is a eminent chance you might see a project like this arrive in the near future, do not refuse work in these tough economic times!

Get certified with the best trainers around!

Offered by an certified EPA Provider, Lead Safe Certified courses certify renovators to perform lead-safe work.

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