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EPA Lead Paint Classes

EPA Lead Paint Classes

ABLE Safety Consulting is rendering a training seminar for the New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead-Based Paint Certified Renovator Training Classes.

Who Should Attend EPA Lead Paint Classes?

The EPA Certified Renovator course is the first class to be offered in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and is intended for service personnel, maintenance technicians, remodelers, renovators, painters and any other workers bumping off or altering any painted surfaces in pre-1978 dwelling and in pre-1978 child-occupied facilities. Contractors will find out how to abide with the new EPA Rule and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lead Safe Housing Rule. Students will also find out how to act upon safely with lead-based paint, and how to work with lead-safe work practices effectively and safely during renovation, repair and painting (RRP) projects.

EPA Lead Paint Classes

Why is this Important to Attend EPA Lead Paint Classes?

The EPA’s RRP Rule become fully in effect and enforceable April 22, 2010. The federal rule applies to all “renovations,” including numerous distinctive housing maintenance activities, executed for compensation in target housing and pre-1978 child-occupied facilities when the work will disturb paint that hasn’t been tested and certified as lead free.

About 8.4 million RRP projects, small and large, will activate the EPA Rule’s essentials. An approximated 211,000 third-party property managers, trade contractors, property leasing agents, residential rental property owners, and other affected establishments will have to abide with the new Rule, including applying to EPA to acquire title as “Certified Renovation Firms.” EPA-accredited trainers like ABLE Safety Consulting offers EPA Lead Paint Classes to workers executing these renovations, they will required to be trained and get certified as “Renovators”.

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