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Why Hire Certified Lead Safe Renovator?

Lead Safe Renovator

Lead Safe Renovator Certification

 Lead Safe Renovator – EPA Lead Safety Training Certification

If you live in a house built before 1978, and you need to repair it, you must employ a contractor (lead safe renovator) that’s certified to work with lead paint. Many Americans are motionless about the new lead paint law. Worker who renovate older homes where the likelihood of lead paint is high, are vulnerable to lead exposure. Their works creates contaminated dust  which they then inhale. They can also put their families at risk by bringing contaminated dust home on their work clothes.

The National Safety Council emphasizes that everyone should be aware of the potential presence of lead paint in homes built prior to 1978. It notes that “such awareness is particularly important for those engaged in the building trades, as well as do-it yourselves, to learn how to perform their work in a lead safe manner.”

The rule normally applies to the redevelopment of all housing constructed before 1978 and any public or commercial plants made-up before 1978, when children are present on a regular basis, such as daycare or pre-school. Exemptions include modest repairs and maintenance work takes in an area not exceeding 6 sq.ft. of painted interior (20 sq.ft. for exterior), renovation of possessing their own home, or verification that the job place are free of lead-based paint (as checked by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized test kit). Some households possibly let off if it comes out that no child under 6 or pregnant woman occupies or regularly visit.

Would be a fine of $ 37,000 per day till all the bits of debris have been cleansed the house and 2 adjacent houses.

Read EPA lead safety training course description.

See our upcoming EPA RRP training schedule.

EPA Lead Safety Training Certification - Lead Safe Renovator

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