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How to become EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator

EPA Lead Certification Class

There are 2 ways to become an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Safe Certified Renovator (EPA’s Renovation, Remodeling and Painting).

First, take the 1-day (8-hour) initial training course from an EPA recognized training provider. ABLE Safety Consulting, an EPA Certified Renovator firm is accredited to offer this course also the Renovator Refresher course. Upon successful completion of EPA lead safe certification course, students are issued their EPA certificate that’s valid for five years. To sustain certification, a student must acquire a refresher course before their expiration date.

The other way an individual could become EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator is by taking a refresher grounded on being “grandfathered” in to the scheme. They’ve successfully accomplished training in EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator courses. The refresher course is more brisk (4 hours) than the initial EPA lead safe certified renovator course. The student is asked to render proof of eligibility before enrolling in this course. A replicate of the successful completion credentials from the eligible course is compulsory

Eligibility Requirements for EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator Refresher Training

Persons who have successfully accomplished the following training courses may opt to take the EPA 4-hour RRP refresher course training in lieu of the EPA 8-hour initial RRP course training.

  • An EPA authorized State or Tribal program, or Abatement worker or supervisor course recognized by EPA
  • Joint EPA-HUD Lead Safety for Remodeling, Repair and Painting (RRP), 2003 (EPA 747-B-03-001).
  • HUD Addressing Lead-Based Paint Hazards During Renovation, Remodeling and Rehabilitation in Federally Owned and Assisted Housing Course.
  • EPA Model Training Course Minimizing Lead-Based Paint Hazards During Renovation, Remodeling, and Painting, 2000 (EPA 747-B-00-005).
  • State of Connecticut Lead-Safe Work Practices for Painting, Remodeling, and Maintenance Course.
  • HUD Lead-Based Paint Training for Remodelers and Renovators Course.
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Lead-Safe Renovator Worker and Supervisor Course.
  • Lead-Safe Renovator Course.
  • Lead-Safe Work Practices Course.
  • Baker Lead-Safe Work Practices Training.
  • Lead-Safe Work Practices and Awareness Training.

EPA lead safe certified

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