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EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes

EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes

EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes

April 22, 2010 was a crucial day in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA’s) oversight of Lead Paint rules. The new EPA regulations ask paid off contractors who do renovation, repair and painting (RRP) works that disturbs more than 6sq.ft. in entire pre-1978 buildings that have a child visiting for more than 60 hours annually be taken care of by a Certified Renovator working with a Lead Safe Certified Firm.

Here are the 5 steps to keep you in compliance:

  1. Submit an application to Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of you or your company
  2. Get registered for an EPA-approved lead certification course
  3. Accomplished the training in a public or private workshop
  4. Pass the certification exam given in class
  5. Obtain approval from EPA and you are in the clear!

If you’re in a pre-1978 constructing, we’re recommending that you get your Managing Agent and Superintendent be certified. This will hold back everyone acknowledge the proper operations that are required to run a job as per the EPA regulations. You can find out more about the lead safe certification classes and the dates that they’re held by keeping in touch with us at 888.926.4727.

EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes Schedule

Monday, June 10th
8am to 5pm
3015 Dumbarton Road
Richmond, VA 23228

See our upcoming EPA RRP training schedule.

EPA Lead Safe Certification Classes

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