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Why Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training is Important?

EPA RRP Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training Program

Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training

Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training

Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training – Able Safety

Mandated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standard 29 CFR (a) (4), Lead-Safe Work Practices provides those performing remodeling tasks in homes before 1978 with guidelines on procedures. Lead poisoning remains a major environmental concern. While we often associate the disease with childhood, high levels of lead exposure are linked to serious adult conditions.  Lead-Safe Renovator Certification Training will teach necessary skills, to avoid these kind of circumstances.

If you’re a landlord, contractor or a painter….or anyone who makes profit the renovation or remodeling of older homes, you’ve probably heard about a new EPA lead safety training certification law. There are a lot of gossips out there concerning the EPA’s new lead safety training certification law and sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the reality. As a certified EPA/HUD Principal RRP Certification Instructor and Lead Safety Training Program Manager as well as a Project Manager for the Housing Rehab and Lead Hazard Control for one of New U.S. largest cities, I will be able to clear up some of the secrets behind this new law.

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If you’re doing any work in a residence, or child occupied facility, built prior to 1978, you must have EPA RRP certification (renovate repair and paint certification). This is a one day lead safe renovator certification training program that helps you how to work safely close to lead based paint. Get certified, and do it now! It is the law, and the fines are steep if you get caught.

EPA Lead Safety Classes

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