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What is EPA Lead Paint Certification – Lead Training Courses?

 EPA Lead Paint Certification - Lead Training Courses

Are you renovating, repairing or painting a home, child care facility or school built before 1978?

Become an EPA RRP Certified Renovator & use lead safe work practice

EPA RRP Certified Renovator Lead Training Courses

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has brought new renovation laws touching any contractor that do work on a lead painted surface area that began April 22 of 2010 and currently in place. Contractors and homeowners alike have queries pertaining to this laws impact on their ability to do work on dwellings. In this lead training courses article, we’ll talk about the law and its particular functions throughout the industry.

Contractors are now demanded under the EPA laws to get lead training courses and obtain the right lead certification before starting renovations on any house or business constructed before 1978 with small children are present. The only contractors that won’t be involved by this are ones that won’t be disturbing a surface area greater than six square feet within or twenty square feet on the outside. It should be noticed that the Environmental Protection Agency has passed clear that they adopt this law seriously and will be catching for lawbreakers that are doing work around small children particularly. If caught, a fine of $37,500 will be charged for each day of violation!

Those contractors that willing to get certified will need to take lead training course that’s acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Agency. Once this is accomplished, the person must then fill in the right forms and send it to the EPA with dues.

See our upcoming EPA RRP training schedule.

EPA Lead Paint Certification - Lead Training Courses

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