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EPA Lead Certification Massachusetts

epa Lead Certification Massachusetts

epa Lead Certification Massachusetts

Any contractor, electricians, plumbers to painters, that disturbs lead paint while working on a house built before 1978, the school or daycare center, now must be certified Lead. If not, you can handle tens of thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, it puts the health of you, your employees and customers at risk, which could result in legal action.

See our instructors certified by the EPA in your area, you can help yourself obtain certificate immediately. You get certified after this class for five years. Do not procrastinate.

You can request an EPA RRP Lead-Safe training and certification in your area, send us a detailed message – call 888.926.4727. Include the location, location you are interested, the number of students in a timely fashion and education. We will respond as soon as possible with details of training and lending.

EPA Lead Based Paint Certification Training Schedule

Saturday August 2nd
7:30am to 4pm
16 Upton Drive
Wilmington, MA 01887

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