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EPA Lead Certification Class

EPA Lead Certification Class

Effective April 22nd, 2010 the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule requires individuals performing renovation, repair or painting activities on homes built prior to 1978 and/or child occupied facilities to become lead safe certified renovators.

Failing to comply with the EPA RRP Rule will result in fines of up to $37,500 per day of work in violation.


Why Is It Important To Become an EPA RRP Certified Renovator?


In an attempt to limit or prevent the public’s exposure to lead-based paint and the effects of lead poisoning on children the EPA created the RRP Rule. This rule requires any individual performing renovation, repair and painting activities to receive a lead safe renovator certification from an EPA-authorized training provider.

In order to receive the lead safe renovator certification individuals must complete an 8-hour RRP training course. During this course students will learn the potential health hazards of lead-based paint and how to prevent them. Students will also learn how to test for lead using EPA-recognized test kits, how to keep proper records on jobs containing lead-based paint, how to properly setup containment to limit the spread of dust and how to clean up after a job has been completed.

The EPA Lead Based Paint Renovation Repair and Painting Program include pre-renovation and work training requirements along with the firm and specific certification. Property managers, contractors, and other renovation employees must send out a lead brochure from the EPA explaining the hazards of lead prior to starting remodeling work. The necessary EPA brochure is entitled “Lead Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right,” and the EPA makes it necessary that the contractor or worker need to hold record of the owner or tenant’s receipt of the brochure.

In the course of renovation, lead-safe work procedures needs to be put into practice, including work-area containment to avoid lead paint the dust and dirt, and minimizing contact with lead paint potential risks by completely cleaning the job site after project end. These lead safe actions should be verified by someone who has gotten the EPA lead certification.

Even if you’re presently no longer working on any jobs that would come under the new EPA demands, it’s preferable to obtain the EPA lead certification training accomplished and not risk having to ignore any work simply because you aren’t yet in EPA compliance.


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EPA Lead Certification

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