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Dust Sampling Technician Certification Course – Lead Testing Class

Lead Testing Class - Dust Sampling Technician Certification Course

Dust Sampling Technician Certification Course was made by the U.S. Environmental protection agency, together with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), to teach contractors how to conduct non-abatement lead dust clearance testing under EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule and clearance assessments under HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule.

EPA Lead Certification – Lead testing class outlines the course objectives, offers basic information regarding the jobs, and provides an overview of the lead-dust sampling technician’s role and obligations.

Lead Testing Class Activities

HUD has different requirements than EPA for clearance. Although EPA’s post-renovation clearance protocol is similar to HUD’s allowed protocol for worksite-only clearance, HUD has additional requirements to use this sampling strategy. Although the sampling requirements are very important for Federally-funded renovation activity, these units will represent a relatively small percentage of all renovation projects performed nationwide. Because most of the renovation jobs that are expected to occur in U.S. housing will not be funded with Federal housing assistance, details on HUD sampling are provided in the HUD sampling appendix. In addition, the course includes a HUD specific Activity 1 and 3. Activity 2, Dust Wipe Sampling, is the same regardless of the regulation. The HUD specific Activities can be found at Attachment 6-A and 6-B and the answer key is included at the end of these notes. All LDSTs should discuss sampling plans with the renovator before work begins; with particular attention to whether the project is receiving Federal housing assistance, so the proper sampling strategy can be used to comply with the Lead Safe Housing Rule.

The activities outlined above are particular to the EPA RRP and will be applicable for the majority of training classes.

Lead Testing Class - Dust Sampling Technician Certification Course

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