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How to earn EPA lead safety certification?

EPA Lead safety certification

Plan to repair or renovate a facility that was constructed before 1978? If so, you will require abiding some new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. Started April 2010, all contractors doing work that disturbs lead-based paint in facilities will have to become EPA-certified renovators.

The EPA regulation requires lead certification for Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) work that disturbs 6 sq. ft. inside or 20 sq. ft. outside the facilities where children below 6 years old are present or visit regularly.

Schools and child-care facilities also fall under this new EPA regulation. Additionally, the following particular work practices, contractors must supply householders with lead-hazard information brochures.

How to earn lead safety certification?

To earn lead safety certification, contractors will need to accomplish an EPA-accredited training course. Some contractors who are already certified to act upon with lead-based paint will have to acquire only a refresher course.

The EPA is straightening the new rules in stages. Training courses are already exist and available.

If bespoke by the contracting company, certified renovators will be demanded to use an acceptable test kit to find out whether lead-based paint is present in work surface area. They will also have to train crews and be at the job site during central stages of a RRP.

Lead safety certification

Lead Safe Training

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Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – EPA Lead Safety Certification

Lead safety certification

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