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Lead Based Paint Certification

Lead-base Paint Certification | EPA Lead Safety Training

Several constructions comprising lead-based paint are being renovated, and the act of renovation lays serious health threats to kids and pregnant women. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought out a new rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act regarding “lead-based paint hazards produced by renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) activities that disturb lead-based paint in housing, schools and child-occupied facilities.” The EPA’s RRP rule, which effect last April 2010, directly involves general and specialty contractors by asking them to be certified if they’re doing work on a targeted facility and to render warnings to let people recognize of the hazards.

What projects are covered and who does the rule apply to?

Read EPA lead and find out why be concerned about it.

Why is the contractor required to take lead based paint certification?

The new EPA’s RRP rule requires that anyone getting along renovation on targeted facilities must obtain lead paint certification that proves they’re trained in the use of lead safe work practices and that they’ll abide particular work practices when doing the renovation.

What this means to you is:

(a) your company must have lead based paint certification,

(b) a certified renovator must be designated to each RRP of a covered facility;

(c) all individuals doing work on the project must obtain on-the-job training by a certified renovator such as ABLE Safety Consulting;

(d) all RRP must be performed in accordance with the EPA work practice standards associated to lead-based paint;

(e) you must provide the occupants and owner of the place with an EPA brochure advising them of the lead risks related with renovation and get a signed certificate of receipt; and

(f) you must hold back records of compliance on all projects.

How and when does a contractor get certified?

Early April 2009 training programs approved by the EPA are already available to contractors. You can apply for lead certification and you MUST be certified by April 2010. At present, you can not perform renovations to targeted facilities unless you’re a certified renovator or an exemption applies. Certifications must be renewed every 5 years.

Enforcement and liability

If a property owner is injured as an outcome of lead-based paint exposure during or after a RRP, your lead base paint certification and paperwork better be in order. And you’re possibly liable for personal injuries if you fail to do the work in compliance with the EPA standards.

Lead Safe Training

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Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – EPA Lead Base Paint Certification

Lead-base Paint Certification | EPA Lead Safety Training

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