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Get Your Company Lead Paint Certification Now

Lead Paint Certification | EPA RRP Training Class

If you are a contractor that executes renovations and remodeling you are bolting out of time to get certified with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the fresh lead paint laws.

Lead Paint Certification

If you’re a contractor doing renovations and remodeling, the bumps are you will end up working on houses built prior to 1978 which will activate the new necessaries. There are respective steps that need to be gotten along in order to get certified prior to acting upon on any project after the April 22, 2010.

Company Lead Paint Course

Your company will require fattening up the EPA’s application for Certification to Conduct Lead-Based.

The application is reasonably square. Business firms must re-certify themselves every five years for the renovations, repairs and painting (RRP) certification.

8 hour Personnel Lead Paint Certification Course

The figure of certified personnel on a work area depends quite a bit on the complexity of the job, size of job and certain state and federal laws particular to that work. Anyhow there must be at least one person on job site with an RRP certification from an EPA approved 8 hour course. It is likely a very good thought to get more people in your organization certified including foreman, estimators and even owners. ABLE Safety Consulting is an EPA certified training provider that can help you.

Why it’s Important to Get Certified Sooner Than Later

You might be speculative what welfare it is to send your money into the EPA training if business is slow. The fact is you will be doing work on a house constructed prior to 1978 at some point so you might also get this over with.

If you acquire a job and you are not EPA’s RRP certified, you will be risking working without it or even worse dropping off the job because you cannot start it. It is always more comfortable to fight a violation if you have expressed good faith in abiding the program than it’s if you are applying for your lead certification after a violation!

Lead Safe Training

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Paint Certification

Lead Paint Certification | EPA RRP Training Class

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