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Lead Certification Class Raleigh, NC | North Carolina

Lead Certification Class Raleigh, NC | North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina – Take the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA’s) Lead Certification Class at ABLE Safety Consulting.

You may be face a fine of up to $37,500 per day and possible imprisonment if you repair, renovate or paint a dwelling, apartments or child occupied facilities constructed before 1978 and:

  1. Your firm isn’t certified by the EPA to work in dwellings built prior to 1978.
  2. The work isn’t done under the supervision of an EPA Certified Renovator.
  3. The individual(s) acting on the project haven’t received training in lead-safe practices for dwellings built prior to 1978 by an EPA Certified Renovator such as ABLE Safety Consulting.
  4. You haven’t complied with any one of many requirements of the EPA rules for renovating, repairing and painting (RRP) homes built before 1978.

You can get the EPA lead safe training required to become a Certified Renovator by taking this lead certification class provided by ABLE Safety Consulting.

The EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Certified Course is taught at a convenient central-Mass location.

Lead Safe Training

by ABLE Safety Consulting
Lead Safe Certified


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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Certification Class Raleigh, NC | North Carolina

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