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Lead Certification Class Virginia Beach, VA

EPA RRP Lead Certification Class

Virginia Beach, VA – Lead Certification Class Training Information

Do contractors need EPA’s Lead Safety Training for Renovating, Repair and Painting (RRP)?

If you’re a contractor, painter, renovator and those who work on lead related jobs which can produce hazardous lead dust and bits by disturbing lead-based paint, you’re asked under Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to have lead certification under Section 402 of TSCA and must come after specific work practices to minimized increasing the risk of lead exposure to residents of the construction area and employees working in the perimeter. Failure to comply with this new regulation may end-up in fines of $37,500 per offense.

On April 2010, entire contractors doing RRP projects that disturb lead-based paint in dwellings, children facilities, federally subsidized schools, and housing built before 1978 must be certified and must abide lead safe work practices to minimized lead contamination.

What if I perform work on a home, school or daycare built prior to 1978, and I do not have this certification?

If you fail to obtain this EPA lead certification before starting work, the EPA has sanction to bring out fines. The federal agency has the authority to look for civil fines of $37,500 per offense and supplemental criminal fine plus imprisonment time for knowing and willfully breaching the EPA’s RRP requirements. The federal agency may also freeze, revoke or alter a firm’s certificate if the Certified Renovator or Certified Firm is discovered to be in non-compliance.

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EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting,
Final Rule, 40 CFR 745 – Lead Certification Class Virginia Beach, VA

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