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Lead Certification

EPA lead certification

Why Lead Certification is required?

The toxicity of lead has been well acknowledged for decades, and the removal of this hazardous material demands trained professionals. To guarantee contractors are practicing up to date safety standards, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new lead certification requirements for 2010.

Get Lead Certification for the Children

Kids below 6 years-old are most susceptible to the toxicity of lead on the body, so safe work practices should always be applied, even before the law is finalized. This signifies the paint on any building constructed before 1978 should be examined for lead, and removed if it’s shown to contain it.

Secure removal of lead takes sealing the area being worked on, and minimizing lead dust. As with any work place, a thorough cleaning is mandatory when the day is done.

Getting Lead Safe Certified

The fastest way to find a lead certification center is to call us. Lead safe training has been applied to thousands already, and ABLE Safety Consulting will continue to be available after the projected April 22nd deadline. Contractors who may be struck by this law include property managers, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and any person who disturbs a painted surface or construction built before 1978.

‘Disturbing’ a painted airfoil can be the outcome of a variety of activities. All function to access pipes and wires in a wall should be incorporated if it’s done on a construction with lead-based paint. Additionally, remodeling and refurbishing old house may also require containment of the area.

As with several laws with the potential to disturbed the work flow, the new EPA’s RRP regulations will take some time to adjust to. The alterations will go on, though, and in the long-term will make the work place safer for everyone.

Lead Certification

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