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16 Companies were Penalized for Violations of the EPA Lead-based Paint RRP Rule

Violations of the EPA Lead-based Paint RRP Rule

Violations of the EPA Lead-based Paint RRP Rule

16 companies were penalized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for violations of the lead-based paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule, the EPA released Wednesday.

The EPA affirms it has made this particular enforcement program a top priority to defend young children and other people from direct exposure and possible lead poisoning by making certain renovators stick to all lead rules.
The sixteen enforcement measures include thirteen administrative agreements and 3 filed administrative issues. The EPA also evaluated civil penalties.

In respect to the EPA, the evaluated civil fees and penalties total is $53,792. The 3 administrative issues will complete the statutory optimum of $37,500 per violation.

The EPA should assess whether the company is able to pay a charges and continue to be in business.
In addition to the agreements, the each business is needed to certify that it is immediately in compliance with the RRP rule.

Building contractors who work on companies and child-occupied centers pre-1978 are considered necessary by the RRP rule to be well-trained and certified to employ lead-safe work practices. This makes certain very common renovations and repairs are carried out so to reduce lead dust in the course of cutting, sanding, and replacing windows.

Direct exposure to lead may affect health negatively, which includes learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, seizures and possibly death, with respect to the EPA.

The RRP rule was completed by the EPA in 2008 and was apply directly into effect on April 22, 2010.

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